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The GOP is (still) the Way to Go…….

Like many on the right, I have taken great encouragement from the emergence, over the past year, of the Tea Party.  For too long the left has had exclusive claim on the protest movement.  It has been nice to see the “silent majority” rise up, albeit belatedly, against an ever-expanding government.  While overwhelmingly “conservative” the Tea Party movement has taken “a pox on both your houses” stance; being at times as anti-Republican and anti-Democrat.  There in lies a problem. 

There are those in the Tea Party movement and amongst their supporters (Glenn Beck comes to mind) who have no use for the GOP and would just as soon see it go the way of the Whig Party.  Now for certain there are all too many Republicans in Congress that are all but indistinguishable from liberal Democrats.  However, that is no reason to throw the part overboard and go third-party.  For better or worse (I think better) we have a two-party system.  Recent history clearly shows that third parties merely act as spoilers.  In 1992 Ross Perot garnered 18.9% of vote in a third-party bid for president.   If only half of his vote would have gone to the incumbent, George H.W. Bush would have been reelected.   In the 2000 election the third-party effort of Ralph Nader, in Florida, cost Al Gore the election.

 The year 1977 was another where the GOP was at a nadir.  The Vietnam War and Watergate were still fresh in the minds of America and the GOP was at crossroads.  Ronald Reagan warned against abandoning the GOP in favor of a third-party.  He advocated re-energizing the party.  Like so many other things I think he was absolutely correct. 

 We are poised once again for another historical mid-term.  We have any energized base and a largely disgusted populace.  The GOP has the opportunity to retake at least part of the apparatus of government. They are poised to act as check on an activist, leftist White House.  We can only accomplish this through the GOP.  Things are off to a good start Marco Rubio is leading in his primary bid against RINO (Republican in Name Only) Charlie Crist.  J.D. Hayworth is mounting a significant primary challenge to the ever-frustrating John McCain. 

 Things are starting to fall into place.  We just can’t screw it up!