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Tea Party Tuesday….

The Republican Establishment should have seen it coming.  The Tea Party insurrection should come as no surprise.  Since losing the White House in 2008 Obama has been likened to everything from Karl Marx to Hitler to the Anti-Christ.  It has been said that John McCain lost because he was a RINO (Republican In Name Only).  We have been told that our very freedom as American’s is at risk and that we need to “take back our country”.  Now I am not going to comment on these statements and claims (some of which I agree with).  What I will say is that given the talk within conservative circles is it then any surprise when Republican primary voters elect candidates that will respond to “Yes We Can!” with “Oh No You Won’t!”?    I don’t think so. 

 For now let me just comment on the two most recent examples in New York and Delaware.  In the New York primary election for governor it was a contest between Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino to see who gets to lose in a landslide to Andrew Cuomo.  Rick Lazio is a joke.  He ran a pathetic campaign again Hillary Clinton in 2000 and would not have done much better this time around.  Paladino is a wild card (in every sense of the word).  Given than the GOP does not stand a chance anyway I would have voted for Paladino because the Republican establishment in New York needs a wakeup call.

 Delaware is a tough one because although I hate RINO’s I am also somewhat of a pragmatist.  I will take as read that established Republican Congressman Mike Castle was all but a shoe-in to win the Senate seat for the GOP.   That being the case I agree with those that say that GOP primary voters made a huge mistake by selecting Christine O’Donnell as their candidate.  She would appear to be much too conservative for Delaware and things I’ve read about her background give me pause.  Mike Castle might be a RINO but sometimes any Republican is better than no Republican at all.

 On the issue of the Tea Party as a whole I would have to say that I am an agnostic.  I sympathize with much of what they believe but have doubts about some of their more prominent figures like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.  Even if you put a gun to my head I still don’t think I could articulate my reservations; it’s just a gut feeling.  That being said if they can deliver, halt the Obama agenda and bring down Obama in 2012 then more power to them.  So far all they have proven is that Sarah Palin et. al. can get conservatives to vote for conservatives.  I will be anxious to see if they can cross the finish line in November.