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Notes and Asides …. Life’s Reset Button

A dear friend came to see me yesterday (you might even say she’s like a daughter to me) and she said “Glenn, I wish life had a rewind button.”  That got me thinking.  There is no rewind button, what’s done is done,  but there is one that is almost as useful.  It’s life’s reset button. It’s the realization that yesterday is history.  It’s about letting go of the guilt and regret of missed opportunities or of things undone but still learning from it. It’s about giving a fresh start to someone important to you.  It’s hitting the reset button that allows you to get up each morning, view each new day as fresh start and another opportunity to do better.  It’s the reason I keep coming back to this blog and to writing.  It’s the notion that even if I’ve not done as well as I would have liked I can still come back and give it another shot. Maybe if I keep coming back to it enough times I will eventually get it right.  The beauty of it is anyone can do but you have to have the mindset that you can do better.  You just need to give yourself the opportunity and let go of those things that are holding you back.  I will admit that it sometimes can be difficult especially if you have dug yourself a pretty deep hole (and I have at times).  Often I’ve found it difficult to give myself that reset but I always do, which is why you are reading this right now (maybe).  Guilt and regret are powerfully destructive emotions.  They are assassins that conspire to robs us of our peace and happiness.  Don’t let them.  HIT THE BUTTON NOW!