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Notes and Asides …. Random Musings

Just a few random musings to tide you over:

  • You probably already know this but I will say it anyway. Now I am not a Ron Paul supporter (his foreign policy is insane) but for anyone wondering why he has such a following I will give you an answer.  In a country where you have the likes of; Al Gore telling you what to drive, what light bulbs to use, etc;  Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg telling you what to eat; and on the GOP side people like Rick Santorum sounding like he’s running for pope more than president is there any wonder why the guy saying “LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE” has a following?
  • Has anyone seen Jon Corzine lately?  Has anyone seen his picture on the side of a milk carton?  The former governor of my beloved state, former head of the now defunct MF Global and supposed “financial genius” has gone missing.  Billions in client money goes “missing” and Corzine disappears?  Where’s the outcry?  Where are the investigations?  Anyone besides me think that if this were a former Republican governor it might get more attention?
  • The news last week was greeted with much celebration and fanfare on the right that Obama’s approval numbers were tanking.  To this I respond IT’S MARCH!  I don’t care what his approval numbers are nine months before the election.  It’s certainly nice to see but it’s completely meaningless at this point.  If you want me to get excited tell me he’s at 41% come mid-October.  Then you will see me care.