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Goal Setting……

If you been following this page in recent days you know of my intention to change my outlook on life.  I am sick of being a pessimist and am trying (what did Yoda say “do or do not.  There is no try”, anyway) to be more optimistic.  Permit me to digress for a moment.  There is a group of men who gather for coffee at my Starbucks each morning.  They are all self-made men and extremely upbeat.  I call them the Optimists Club.  So I am going to them for lessons.   Lesson number one, apparently, is to identify one, three and five year goals.  Now I am a HORRIBLE goal setter.  I have never been good at it.  But you gotta do what ya gotta do, right?  So since I hear that it often helps to publish ones goals here goes:

One Year Goals:

  • Save $1,000 (this is a lot based upon what I make)
  • Write 60,000 words (I mentioned this one before)
  • Make at least three of the books I read this year histories (I don’t read nearly enough history)
  • Improve at chess (not sure yet how I am going to quantify this)

 Three Year Goal:

  •  Write a book

 Five Year Goal: 

  • Get paid for writing

 “They” always say goals should be challenging but achievable.  I think I have done that.  Saving $1000 may not seem like much but I don’t make that much to begin with and I have never been great at saving money.  Writing 60,000 equates to roughly writing 250 words 240 times.  That WILL be a challenge but as I’ve said writers write and if that is my path, and I believe it is, then that is what I have to do.  I read about twelve or so books a year so dedicating three to history is a worthy goal.  I have always been fascinated with the game of chess but am horrendous at it.  I would very much like to improve.  Not sure how I am going to quantify this one and maybe it does not belong on the list.  But it’s my list not yours so I can add what I want!    

 Anyway, there you have it.  I will occasionally report on my progress.  I also do not intend to totally devote this space to my personal “issues” with optimism and pessimism.  I will return to more interesting topics soon.