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Spicy, Beef Noodle Soup….

 I have been having craving beef noodle soup all week.  Before you start thinking I have lost my mind this not any noodle soup, this in not Campbell’s I am talking about,  but the spicy, beef  noodle soup from Mr. Chu’s Chinese restaurant in East Hanover. 

 Allow me to relive the experience for you.  I am presented with a large bowl full of a steaming, dark, rich, intensely aromatic beef broth.  Though piping hot but I have to take a taste.   It’s got more than a bit of fire and a spice I still cannot quite but my finger on (maybe star anise I can’t be sure). Lurking, unseen, at the bottom of bowl are the noodles. They are thick, doughy and perfect for slurping with a pair of chopsticks.  They might be udon noodles but I am not sure since they are a Japanese specialty.  Floating on top of the broth are three slices of the most tender, melt-in-your mouth slices of beef.  They fall apart as I grab them with my chopsticks and sink beneath the inky dark broth.  Intertwined with the noodles are verdant, earthly leaves of bok choy.     I begin to happily slurp away at my noodles as the broth cools.  I pick up a bit of the meat, it  is so tender its almost gelatinous and is as flavorful as any beef I’ve ever eaten.  Forgoing decorum, and the spoon,  I pick up the bowl and drink the broth directly, just a bit!  The spice catches me in the back of my throat I am forced to reach for a cooling sip of Sprite.  Sadly, before too long both the noodles and beef are gone but I continue to enjoy the aromatic liquid.  My craving sated, for the time being, I ask for the check.   The fortune in my cookie is nothing special today.  I pay the bill and continue on with my day.  I might have to go back tomorrow!    I hope you enjoyed this memoir of my lunch!