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Jets/Ravens in Review……

Last night the Jets played the type of game that every fan feared.  In their 10-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens the Jets played about as brutal a game I have ever seen them play and believe me that is saying something!

First the good news, such as it is.  Mike Westhof’s Special Teams unit played an excellent game.  New kicker Nick Folk accounted for all of the Jets scoring by connecting on all three field goal attempts including one from 48 yards out. Punter Steve Weatherford pinned the Ravens deep in their own end on several occasions.  The unit got nice return efforts from Brad Smith and Jim Leonhard. As Coach Westhof observed to me this morning the Special Teams gave the Jets every opportunity to win. The defense only gave up ten points and held the Ravens to a mere 51 years rushing.

 Now the bad news and I hardly know where to begin.  The offense was atrocious!  Simply abominable!  The Jets earned a mere six first downs the entire game and generated a mere 190 yards of combined offense!  Mark Sanchez looked like a lost child going 10/21 for 74 yards with not TD’s or INT’s.  The lone bright spot was LaDainian Tomlinson who rushed for 62 yards.   LG Matt Slauson replacing the banished Alan Faneca had a brutal game contributing to a game changing fumble and provided inadequate protection for Sanchez.  The Ravens were able to avoid spending time on “Revis Island” by exploiting the inadequacies of Antonio Cromartie and rookie Kyle Wilson who were both repeatedly burned throughout the game. The Jets could not stop Baltimore on repeated third and long situations and were called for numerous penalties.  At one point in the first half the defense had committed more penalty yards than the Ravens had generated on offense.  In a final insult the Jets were given back the ball with 1:40 left and where able to generate ZERO offense.  The inept offensive display was  capped off by tight end Dustin Keller going out bounds 1/2 yard short of a first down on fourth down with 40 seconds to play.  If that were not enough, it was just reported that nose tackle Kris Jenkins will miss the rest of the season after reinjuring his left knee in the first quarter.

 This was about as sad a performance as was ever turned in by a supposedly good team.  The Jets have talked the talked since the end of last season.  If any good can come out of last nights debacle it is perhaps that they realize that talk is cheap.  Sunday they face the New England Patriots.  If the Jets are embarrassed and pissed off after last night, as they should be, it might be a long day for the Patriots.  However, if the offense phones in another one like they did last night then Sunday will be UGLY!  I am hoping for the former.