Tea Party Tuesday….

The Republican Establishment should have seen it coming.  The Tea Party insurrection should come as no surprise.  Since losing the White House in 2008 Obama has been likened to everything from Karl Marx to Hitler to the Anti-Christ.  It has been said that John McCain lost because he was a RINO (Republican In Name Only).  We have been told that our very freedom as American’s is at risk and that we need to “take back our country”.  Now I am not going to comment on these statements and claims (some of which I agree with).  What I will say is that given the talk within conservative circles is it then any surprise when Republican primary voters elect candidates that will respond to “Yes We Can!” with “Oh No You Won’t!”?    I don’t think so. 

 For now let me just comment on the two most recent examples in New York and Delaware.  In the New York primary election for governor it was a contest between Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino to see who gets to lose in a landslide to Andrew Cuomo.  Rick Lazio is a joke.  He ran a pathetic campaign again Hillary Clinton in 2000 and would not have done much better this time around.  Paladino is a wild card (in every sense of the word).  Given than the GOP does not stand a chance anyway I would have voted for Paladino because the Republican establishment in New York needs a wakeup call.

 Delaware is a tough one because although I hate RINO’s I am also somewhat of a pragmatist.  I will take as read that established Republican Congressman Mike Castle was all but a shoe-in to win the Senate seat for the GOP.   That being the case I agree with those that say that GOP primary voters made a huge mistake by selecting Christine O’Donnell as their candidate.  She would appear to be much too conservative for Delaware and things I’ve read about her background give me pause.  Mike Castle might be a RINO but sometimes any Republican is better than no Republican at all.

 On the issue of the Tea Party as a whole I would have to say that I am an agnostic.  I sympathize with much of what they believe but have doubts about some of their more prominent figures like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.  Even if you put a gun to my head I still don’t think I could articulate my reservations; it’s just a gut feeling.  That being said if they can deliver, halt the Obama agenda and bring down Obama in 2012 then more power to them.  So far all they have proven is that Sarah Palin et. al. can get conservatives to vote for conservatives.  I will be anxious to see if they can cross the finish line in November.


Jets/Ravens in Review……

Last night the Jets played the type of game that every fan feared.  In their 10-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens the Jets played about as brutal a game I have ever seen them play and believe me that is saying something!

First the good news, such as it is.  Mike Westhof’s Special Teams unit played an excellent game.  New kicker Nick Folk accounted for all of the Jets scoring by connecting on all three field goal attempts including one from 48 yards out. Punter Steve Weatherford pinned the Ravens deep in their own end on several occasions.  The unit got nice return efforts from Brad Smith and Jim Leonhard. As Coach Westhof observed to me this morning the Special Teams gave the Jets every opportunity to win. The defense only gave up ten points and held the Ravens to a mere 51 years rushing.

 Now the bad news and I hardly know where to begin.  The offense was atrocious!  Simply abominable!  The Jets earned a mere six first downs the entire game and generated a mere 190 yards of combined offense!  Mark Sanchez looked like a lost child going 10/21 for 74 yards with not TD’s or INT’s.  The lone bright spot was LaDainian Tomlinson who rushed for 62 yards.   LG Matt Slauson replacing the banished Alan Faneca had a brutal game contributing to a game changing fumble and provided inadequate protection for Sanchez.  The Ravens were able to avoid spending time on “Revis Island” by exploiting the inadequacies of Antonio Cromartie and rookie Kyle Wilson who were both repeatedly burned throughout the game. The Jets could not stop Baltimore on repeated third and long situations and were called for numerous penalties.  At one point in the first half the defense had committed more penalty yards than the Ravens had generated on offense.  In a final insult the Jets were given back the ball with 1:40 left and where able to generate ZERO offense.  The inept offensive display was  capped off by tight end Dustin Keller going out bounds 1/2 yard short of a first down on fourth down with 40 seconds to play.  If that were not enough, it was just reported that nose tackle Kris Jenkins will miss the rest of the season after reinjuring his left knee in the first quarter.

 This was about as sad a performance as was ever turned in by a supposedly good team.  The Jets have talked the talked since the end of last season.  If any good can come out of last nights debacle it is perhaps that they realize that talk is cheap.  Sunday they face the New England Patriots.  If the Jets are embarrassed and pissed off after last night, as they should be, it might be a long day for the Patriots.  However, if the offense phones in another one like they did last night then Sunday will be UGLY!  I am hoping for the former.

My 9/11 Journal…..

Tomorrow is September 11.  It was a sparklingly clear late summer morning when the unthinkable occurred.  At 8:46 AM American Airlines Flight 11 carrying 92 passengers was crashed in to the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  Seventeen minutes later at 9:03 United Airlines Flight 175 carrying 65 passengers was crashed in to the South Tower of the World Trade Center.  At 9:37 AM American Airlines Flight 77 carrying 64 passengers was crashed in to the Pentagon.  At 10:03 AM United Airlines Flight 93 carrying 45 passenger was prevented from reaching its intended target when the passenger attempted to retake the jet from the terrorist filth.  The effort resulted in the plane crashing into a field in Shanksville, PA.  At 10:05 AM the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.  At 10:29 AM the North Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.  In the end 2,986 lives were lost than day making it the single worst attack on the United States of America.

For posterity I would like to share the journal entry I made on the morning of 9/11/01 from my desk at Convent Station.

September 11, 2001 – 10:41 AM

My Desk at Convent Station ->

To paraphrase….September 11, 2001 a date which will live in infamy. As I write this the Twin Towers are no more!  Washington, DC is being evacuated!  A coordinated terrorist attack is in progress against the United States of America!       Words fail me right now!  I’ve never seen anything like this in 32 years.   I must admit to being freaked out myself.   The military is patrolling the skies of DC. Reportedly a hijacked plane was just shot down outside Pittsburgh. Another is approaching DC.  11:15 AM this plan may have been shot down. There is a great deal of rumor and false info.  Everything is happening very fast!     11:20 AM the plane is still heading for DC.  11:35 AM not surprising a pro-Palestinian group is claiming “credit” for this attack!

September 12, 2001 – 1:27 AM

After all of today’s events I admit to being afraid to go to sleep!  I cannot put in to words right now exactly what I am thinking and feeling.  This much I know,  I cannot bear to watch anymore video recaps of today’s event.  I’ve seen the Towers collapse time and again on video and I can’t stand to see it anymore.  Another sight I can no longer bare are images of the second plane crashing into the Tower.

Someone has to pay for this outrage and pay dearly!

There you have it.  Nine years later we are still at war with Islamo-fascism and I imagine we will be so for some time.  We should not rest until everyone responsible for this outrage has suffered a horrible death.

Four years later, may God bless the victims and their families, may God bless the United States of America and may God DAMN all those responsible and all who celebrated it!

The Left Finds Religion….

I am so very happy to see that the Left has finally found a religion it can embrace.  I wish them luck in their practice of Islam.  Whether in their fatuous defense of the Ground Zero Mosque or their outrage of some schmuck in Florida planning on burning Qurans the Left certainly seems to finally have found religion.

 First, on the Ground Zero Mosque.  There is no one who challenges the legality or the right to build a house of worship.  The question is one of good taste and judgment.  During World War II would we have allowed the Japanese to build a Shinto shrine at Pearl Harbor?  I think not.  Case closed. 

 As to this schmuck in Florida, I think he should call off the Quran burning and claim that he has proved his point because he has.  There are murderous unreformed elements in the Islamic faith.  The fact that we are so worried about angering the “Muslim Street” is proof positive.  

 I would feel better about the Left’s outrage over offending Islam if they showed a similar concern for other faiths.   The Left has no problem with those who offend the sensibilities of Christian, Catholics or Jews.  Why?   Because those groups will not kill out of their outrage.  So it’s open season on them.  Burn a Quran or draw a cartoon of the Prophet?  Allah forbid!  But burn an American flag or put a crucifix in a jar of urine and we must support and even federally fund such activity!

 It is OK to be afraid of radical Islam. The Left need not be ashamed to be fearful.  But their deference to radicals borders on appeasement.  On Saturday it will be nine years since 9/11. What would you have thought if I were to predict back then that nine year later a mosque on that site would be further along in its construction than new towers themselves?

Goal Setting……

If you been following this page in recent days you know of my intention to change my outlook on life.  I am sick of being a pessimist and am trying (what did Yoda say “do or do not.  There is no try”, anyway) to be more optimistic.  Permit me to digress for a moment.  There is a group of men who gather for coffee at my Starbucks each morning.  They are all self-made men and extremely upbeat.  I call them the Optimists Club.  So I am going to them for lessons.   Lesson number one, apparently, is to identify one, three and five year goals.  Now I am a HORRIBLE goal setter.  I have never been good at it.  But you gotta do what ya gotta do, right?  So since I hear that it often helps to publish ones goals here goes:

One Year Goals:

  • Save $1,000 (this is a lot based upon what I make)
  • Write 60,000 words (I mentioned this one before)
  • Make at least three of the books I read this year histories (I don’t read nearly enough history)
  • Improve at chess (not sure yet how I am going to quantify this)

 Three Year Goal:

  •  Write a book

 Five Year Goal: 

  • Get paid for writing

 “They” always say goals should be challenging but achievable.  I think I have done that.  Saving $1000 may not seem like much but I don’t make that much to begin with and I have never been great at saving money.  Writing 60,000 equates to roughly writing 250 words 240 times.  That WILL be a challenge but as I’ve said writers write and if that is my path, and I believe it is, then that is what I have to do.  I read about twelve or so books a year so dedicating three to history is a worthy goal.  I have always been fascinated with the game of chess but am horrendous at it.  I would very much like to improve.  Not sure how I am going to quantify this one and maybe it does not belong on the list.  But it’s my list not yours so I can add what I want!    

 Anyway, there you have it.  I will occasionally report on my progress.  I also do not intend to totally devote this space to my personal “issues” with optimism and pessimism.  I will return to more interesting topics soon.

Pessimism Doesn’t Work…….

Can I share a little secret with you?  Pessimism doesn’t work.  Pessimist’s like to say we expect the worst but hope for the best.  The trouble is that IF the worst happens you won’t feel any better about it even though you expected it.  Let me tell you when I first learned this truth.  It was when the Mets played the Yankees in the World Series.  I’m a Mets fan but did not expect them to win.  When they ultimately lost the fact that I didn’t expect them to win didn’t matter a bit.  I was still extremely disappointed.

 Conversely, if the worst does not happen then you have made yourself miserable for nothing!  One of my heroes Thomas Jefferson said:

 “There are indeed  gloomy and hypochondriac minds, inhabitants of diseased bodies, disgusted with the present, and despairing of the future; always counting that the worst will happen, because it may happen. To these I say How much pain have cost us the evils which have never happened?!”

The great American writer Mark Twain put it this way:

“I am an old man and have known a great many
troubles, but most of them never happened.”

This is not to say that we should become Pollyanna’s but to keep life in perspective and remind ourselves that good things can happen.

Pessimism doesn’t work.  It only makes us miserable.   So why bother with it?

RedEye with Greg Gutfeld…….

Today for a moment or two I want to talk about the Fox News Channels “Redeye with Greg Gutfeld” (http://www.foxsnews.com/redeye).  If you have never heard of it shame on you.  It is on at 3 a.m. (but hey that’s what DVR’s are for!) and is one of the funniest shows on television.  The diminutive host Greg Gutfeld and his guest discuss various issues of the day, some sublime and some ridiculous, and do it in such a way as to make other shows jealous.  The “cast” is comprised of the host Gutfeld (a former magazine editor), his grotesque sidekick (their words not mine) and token liberal Bill Schultz, an ombudsman Andy Levy (known as TV’s Andy Levy) and the a talking copy of the New York Times simply know as “Pinch”.   The remaining guests are a combination of various comedian’s, B-list and below celebrities, bloggers, musicians and various FNC anchors, who if female occupy the “leg chair”.  The leg chair is the one most visible to the camera.  Frequent occupants of the “leg chair” include FNC anchors Patti Ann Brown aka “The Notorious PAB” and Juliet Huddy. As well as columnists S.E. Cupp (http://www.redsecupp.com), Ann Coulter (http://www.anncoulter.com) and generally more amazingly gorgeous women than you can shake a stick at.  

 The show first aired on February 5, 2007.  It has since gained a remarkable cult following and regularly beats the offerings of CNN and MSNBC in the ratings (http://www.mediaite.com/tv/red-eye-at-3amet-beat-cnn-and-msnbc-in-every-non-prime-time-hour-tuesday).  In that time is has also seen the stature of its guest increase as well.  Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter is a frequent guest as well many running for office. 

 The shows take on events is decidedly offbeat and more than often a bit off color.  The politics of the show slant right but the “debates” are generally very well balanced as there are many liberal guests.  I mentioned that Bill Schultz is the token liberal.  Gutfeld while a Republican is decidedly libertarian in his positions, particularly on social issues.  While the ombudsman Andy Levy is a self-professed Libertarian. 

 This is a show I never miss.  If you have not yet seen it you simply must.  I insist. 

 And if you disagree with me then you are a racist, homophobe (watch it and you will see what I mean)!