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New Jersey’s Sham Election……..

Allow me, if you will, to rant for moment about this travesty and absolute sham of an “election” we are having today. For those of you who do not know, today is primary day in New Jersey where we will pick the candidates to run in October to fill out the remaining term of the late Frank Lautenberg.

It should never have come to this.  What any other governor would have done would be to name a person of their own party to serve out the remaining term.  Yet NO!  What does our Obama-loving, RINO of governor do?  He picks one of his lap dogs to ACT as Senator, for four months (!), until a special election can be held. Which is where we are today.

Now anyone who follows NJ politics knows that one of our two Senate seats has been, practically by divine right, all but set aside for Newark Mayor Corey Booker.  So in a sense what our governor has done is hasten Booker’s promotion to become New Jersey’s “Senator for Life” because ain’t nobody gonna stop him now or defeat him in the future.  That is until such time as he decides he wants to be President, which if he follows the Obama model will be sometime in early 2015.

What about the Republicans you might ask?  The who? Well that’s interesting because no sooner had Lautenberg been laid to rest than in marches the delusional and hapless Don Quixote of New Jersey politics Steve Lonegan.  I guess you have to admire the guy’s chutzpah if nothing else but this schmuck has lost every election he’s ever been in outside of his town of Bogota.  This putz thinks he is going to defeat of the most popular politicians in NJ.  PLEASE!  Mayor Lonegan don’t go away mad just GO AWAY!

Why don’t we just swear Booker in already for goodness sake and be done with it?  He’s doing to win the primary by double digits and might win the general election by TRIPLE digits!  In any event I’ve had enough and will not be party to this charade!  Thank you for your attention.


Politics …. Obama-care On Trial

The Supreme Court has wrapped up three days of oral argument on the Constitutionality of Obama-care and the individual mandate.  While no one know how the court will rule I want to make a few observations.

First,  regardless of the outcome it will be a mixed blessing for Mitt Romney.  If the court strikes the law down it will benefit Romney by taking the issue of the table.  He will not have to spend as much time defending Romney-care.  This is a good thing since Romney-care is Obama-care version 1.0 of and one of Romney’s biggest liabilities.  However,  since the healthcare law is the number one unifying issue for almost everyone on the right its absence as an issue might make some feel it is ok to vote third party or not vote at all, assuming the danger has passed, thereby increasing the chances that Obama will win a second term (GOD FORBID).  Conversely, if the law is upheld those on the right will correctly assume that their only chance of ridding the nation of Obama-care is to rally behind Romney and get him and as many Republicans as possible elected in November. Yet there will still be Romney-care to defend.

My personal opinion is that I hope the Supreme Court rules the mandate Unconstitutional, rules it unseverable from the rest of the law and throws the whole piece of garbage out the window.

Second, it is basically assumed that the courts four liberal justices (Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotomayor) will vote in lockstep to uphold Obama-care.  However, no such assumption is made that the courts five conservative justices (Alito, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy) will vote to overturn. This sad fact backs up a point Ann Coulter made some time ago.  Liberal justices rarely, if ever, are a disappointment to those who nominate them.  So-called “conservative” justices, however, enjoys no such distinction. Consider this list of Republican Supreme Court nominees/justices that have disappointed us time and again:  David Souter nominated by George H.W. Bush, Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy nominated by Ronald Reagan, William Brennan nominated by Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Blackmun (author of the Roe v. Wade decision) nominated by Richard Nixon.  The list could grow longer but I think you get the idea.

Third, if the Obama-care is thrown out by the court don’t think that the war has been won.  Far from it.  In some respects I think liberals are playing the long con here.  The court might be doing the left a favor in striking down the healthcare law because it gives them another opportunity to go after what they really have always wanted since the New Deal which is a full blown, European-style, single-payer, socialized healthcare system.  Don’t think they won’t try it.  It probably won’t happen under Obama but the left is patient.

As I said at the outset who know what the court will do when they announce their decision in June.  They might vote to uphold the law, they might throw it out entirely or they just might rule against the mandate.  We only have to wait two months to find out.

Politics – The 2012 Election….We’re Screwed…..

Let me begin by saying that I kind of envy other Republicans and conservatives who are genuinely excited about their candidate.  Me not so much.  I look at the field and I see four fatally flawed individuals who do not stand a snow balls chance of beating Obama.  What’s worse is that Obama himself is, or should be, fatally flawed himself.  Granted the economy sucked when he was elected (by the way he did ask for the job so he should quit whining) but after three years and untold trillions of federal spending are things really that much better?  Consider that economic growth is at a feeble 3 or so percent a year, pathetic! Consider that their are million upon millions of Americans that are either unemployed or underemployed.  Consider that the price of gas is heading toward $4.00 and it’s not even Easter let alone Memorial Day when prices start to rise anyway.  And I am not even mentioning Obama-care,  Iranian nukes, the “Radical Islamic Spring” I mean the “Arab Spring”, botching the 2009 Green Revolution inIranand throwingIsraelunder the bus on a regular basis.  WHEW!  Give me a second.  All that being the case Obama should be toast, right?  No and for these reasons; he’ll have a billion dollars in the bank, he has the power of incumbency, the aforementioned pathetic GOP field and most importantly a slobbering, compliant and eager to please media at his beck and call. Which leads me to the conclusion that the GOP, and the country in general, is screwed in November.

Yet all that is not the purpose of this essay.  For months now Rush has been castigating the GOP “establishment” for backing Romney on the basis that although he might lose he might to well enough to give the GOP a chance of holding the House and gaining the Senate. I say what is so wrong with that?  Is half a loaf better than no loaf at all?  Divided government is better than the alternative.  Now I understand that Romney is not as conservative as many of us might like but should he lose I believe it would be by less than it otherwise might be.  I believe Rush and others like him want to swing for fences with Newt or God-forbid Santorum.  I think both those options result in not only a landslide for Obama but a good chance that Nancy aka “Stretch” Pelosi will once again be Speaker and Harry Reid remaining as majority leader in the Senate.

The bottom line is that I am nominally a Romney guy.  I am not excited by this yet I do think he is well qualified for the job.  Who knows he might even give Obama a run for this money and if the stars align and God is good who knows he might even pull it out.   But I doubt it.  I only pray there is a country left in 2016 for us to put back together.

Andrew Breitbart – RIP …….

An already crappy day as been become much worse with news of the passing of the great Andrew Breitbart.  Those of you who are not political junkies probably are not familiar with him.  However, for those of us who are, and particularly those of us on the right, his passing represents an almost incalculable loss for the conservative movement.

While there remains a universe of prominent conservatives out there e.g. Rush, Hannnity, Levin, et. al. Andrew Breitbart was different and special.  He was not your average right-winger. He was not the white bread, pious and square stereotype of a conservative.  He was not, to use the cliché “your father’s Republican”.   He was a guerilla fighter.  He loved to engage the hard-core, Obama-worshipping left on their own terms. Be it Media Matters for America, Occupy Wallstreet or Anthony Weiner,  Breitbart would get in their faces and give as good as he got.  He was not afflicted, as too many of us on the right are, with the almost pathological need to be nice, liked, polite or popular when dealing with the left. He took no crap and was not afraid to defend what he believed. He reveled in making enemies; the more the better as far as he was concerned.  Breitbart also had  unique appreciation for the importance of pop culture, an appreciation which is lost on most conservatives.  He was not overtly religious, was actually kind of hip and could be delightfully irreverent, never more so then when appearing on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld on Fox News.  He was also a genius.

His latest, and tragically last book, “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World” is as clear eyed and dead on a dissection of the left and what it has “accomplished” over the past 50 years as anything I have ever read. It stands alongside William F. Buckley’s “God and Man at Yale” and Barry Goldwater’s “Conscience of a Conservative” as a 21st century conservative manifesto in the intellectual battle against the collectivism and stateism of modern left; which is perfectly embodied in the Obama administration.

Given the pathetic weakness of the GOP presidential contenders and faced with a billion dollar reelection campaign teamed with a slobbering media we can ill afford a loss of this type.


A sad day indeed.  Rest In Peace Andrew Breitbart.  You will be sorely missed.

Tea Party Tuesday….

The Republican Establishment should have seen it coming.  The Tea Party insurrection should come as no surprise.  Since losing the White House in 2008 Obama has been likened to everything from Karl Marx to Hitler to the Anti-Christ.  It has been said that John McCain lost because he was a RINO (Republican In Name Only).  We have been told that our very freedom as American’s is at risk and that we need to “take back our country”.  Now I am not going to comment on these statements and claims (some of which I agree with).  What I will say is that given the talk within conservative circles is it then any surprise when Republican primary voters elect candidates that will respond to “Yes We Can!” with “Oh No You Won’t!”?    I don’t think so. 

 For now let me just comment on the two most recent examples in New York and Delaware.  In the New York primary election for governor it was a contest between Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino to see who gets to lose in a landslide to Andrew Cuomo.  Rick Lazio is a joke.  He ran a pathetic campaign again Hillary Clinton in 2000 and would not have done much better this time around.  Paladino is a wild card (in every sense of the word).  Given than the GOP does not stand a chance anyway I would have voted for Paladino because the Republican establishment in New York needs a wakeup call.

 Delaware is a tough one because although I hate RINO’s I am also somewhat of a pragmatist.  I will take as read that established Republican Congressman Mike Castle was all but a shoe-in to win the Senate seat for the GOP.   That being the case I agree with those that say that GOP primary voters made a huge mistake by selecting Christine O’Donnell as their candidate.  She would appear to be much too conservative for Delaware and things I’ve read about her background give me pause.  Mike Castle might be a RINO but sometimes any Republican is better than no Republican at all.

 On the issue of the Tea Party as a whole I would have to say that I am an agnostic.  I sympathize with much of what they believe but have doubts about some of their more prominent figures like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.  Even if you put a gun to my head I still don’t think I could articulate my reservations; it’s just a gut feeling.  That being said if they can deliver, halt the Obama agenda and bring down Obama in 2012 then more power to them.  So far all they have proven is that Sarah Palin et. al. can get conservatives to vote for conservatives.  I will be anxious to see if they can cross the finish line in November.

Jets/Ravens in Review……

Last night the Jets played the type of game that every fan feared.  In their 10-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens the Jets played about as brutal a game I have ever seen them play and believe me that is saying something!

First the good news, such as it is.  Mike Westhof’s Special Teams unit played an excellent game.  New kicker Nick Folk accounted for all of the Jets scoring by connecting on all three field goal attempts including one from 48 yards out. Punter Steve Weatherford pinned the Ravens deep in their own end on several occasions.  The unit got nice return efforts from Brad Smith and Jim Leonhard. As Coach Westhof observed to me this morning the Special Teams gave the Jets every opportunity to win. The defense only gave up ten points and held the Ravens to a mere 51 years rushing.

 Now the bad news and I hardly know where to begin.  The offense was atrocious!  Simply abominable!  The Jets earned a mere six first downs the entire game and generated a mere 190 yards of combined offense!  Mark Sanchez looked like a lost child going 10/21 for 74 yards with not TD’s or INT’s.  The lone bright spot was LaDainian Tomlinson who rushed for 62 yards.   LG Matt Slauson replacing the banished Alan Faneca had a brutal game contributing to a game changing fumble and provided inadequate protection for Sanchez.  The Ravens were able to avoid spending time on “Revis Island” by exploiting the inadequacies of Antonio Cromartie and rookie Kyle Wilson who were both repeatedly burned throughout the game. The Jets could not stop Baltimore on repeated third and long situations and were called for numerous penalties.  At one point in the first half the defense had committed more penalty yards than the Ravens had generated on offense.  In a final insult the Jets were given back the ball with 1:40 left and where able to generate ZERO offense.  The inept offensive display was  capped off by tight end Dustin Keller going out bounds 1/2 yard short of a first down on fourth down with 40 seconds to play.  If that were not enough, it was just reported that nose tackle Kris Jenkins will miss the rest of the season after reinjuring his left knee in the first quarter.

 This was about as sad a performance as was ever turned in by a supposedly good team.  The Jets have talked the talked since the end of last season.  If any good can come out of last nights debacle it is perhaps that they realize that talk is cheap.  Sunday they face the New England Patriots.  If the Jets are embarrassed and pissed off after last night, as they should be, it might be a long day for the Patriots.  However, if the offense phones in another one like they did last night then Sunday will be UGLY!  I am hoping for the former.

My 9/11 Journal…..

Tomorrow is September 11.  It was a sparklingly clear late summer morning when the unthinkable occurred.  At 8:46 AM American Airlines Flight 11 carrying 92 passengers was crashed in to the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  Seventeen minutes later at 9:03 United Airlines Flight 175 carrying 65 passengers was crashed in to the South Tower of the World Trade Center.  At 9:37 AM American Airlines Flight 77 carrying 64 passengers was crashed in to the Pentagon.  At 10:03 AM United Airlines Flight 93 carrying 45 passenger was prevented from reaching its intended target when the passenger attempted to retake the jet from the terrorist filth.  The effort resulted in the plane crashing into a field in Shanksville, PA.  At 10:05 AM the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.  At 10:29 AM the North Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.  In the end 2,986 lives were lost than day making it the single worst attack on the United States of America.

For posterity I would like to share the journal entry I made on the morning of 9/11/01 from my desk at Convent Station.

September 11, 2001 – 10:41 AM

My Desk at Convent Station ->

To paraphrase….September 11, 2001 a date which will live in infamy. As I write this the Twin Towers are no more!  Washington, DC is being evacuated!  A coordinated terrorist attack is in progress against the United States of America!       Words fail me right now!  I’ve never seen anything like this in 32 years.   I must admit to being freaked out myself.   The military is patrolling the skies of DC. Reportedly a hijacked plane was just shot down outside Pittsburgh. Another is approaching DC.  11:15 AM this plan may have been shot down. There is a great deal of rumor and false info.  Everything is happening very fast!     11:20 AM the plane is still heading for DC.  11:35 AM not surprising a pro-Palestinian group is claiming “credit” for this attack!

September 12, 2001 – 1:27 AM

After all of today’s events I admit to being afraid to go to sleep!  I cannot put in to words right now exactly what I am thinking and feeling.  This much I know,  I cannot bear to watch anymore video recaps of today’s event.  I’ve seen the Towers collapse time and again on video and I can’t stand to see it anymore.  Another sight I can no longer bare are images of the second plane crashing into the Tower.

Someone has to pay for this outrage and pay dearly!

There you have it.  Nine years later we are still at war with Islamo-fascism and I imagine we will be so for some time.  We should not rest until everyone responsible for this outrage has suffered a horrible death.

Four years later, may God bless the victims and their families, may God bless the United States of America and may God DAMN all those responsible and all who celebrated it!