New Jersey’s Sham Election……..

Allow me, if you will, to rant for moment about this travesty and absolute sham of an “election” we are having today. For those of you who do not know, today is primary day in New Jersey where we will pick the candidates to run in October to fill out the remaining term of the late Frank Lautenberg.

It should never have come to this.  What any other governor would have done would be to name a person of their own party to serve out the remaining term.  Yet NO!  What does our Obama-loving, RINO of governor do?  He picks one of his lap dogs to ACT as Senator, for four months (!), until a special election can be held. Which is where we are today.

Now anyone who follows NJ politics knows that one of our two Senate seats has been, practically by divine right, all but set aside for Newark Mayor Corey Booker.  So in a sense what our governor has done is hasten Booker’s promotion to become New Jersey’s “Senator for Life” because ain’t nobody gonna stop him now or defeat him in the future.  That is until such time as he decides he wants to be President, which if he follows the Obama model will be sometime in early 2015.

What about the Republicans you might ask?  The who? Well that’s interesting because no sooner had Lautenberg been laid to rest than in marches the delusional and hapless Don Quixote of New Jersey politics Steve Lonegan.  I guess you have to admire the guy’s chutzpah if nothing else but this schmuck has lost every election he’s ever been in outside of his town of Bogota.  This putz thinks he is going to defeat of the most popular politicians in NJ.  PLEASE!  Mayor Lonegan don’t go away mad just GO AWAY!

Why don’t we just swear Booker in already for goodness sake and be done with it?  He’s doing to win the primary by double digits and might win the general election by TRIPLE digits!  In any event I’ve had enough and will not be party to this charade!  Thank you for your attention.

  1. I feel your pain, dude.

    Aside from some early positives, Christie has been such a disappointment. (Even Ann Coulter gave up on him!) I haven’t been watching closely enough to get a sense whether he is just ideologically confused or if his lurches to center-left are strategic political moves to gain bipartisan support for a presidential run.

    I didn’t realize Booker was so popular! What do you think of Dr. Alieta Eck? Does she have any better chance than Lonegan?

  2. Chris,

    As always that for the feedback and for being a loyal reader! To a large extent Christie is drunk on his own celebrity and like McCain I think sees himself as a bit of a maverick. Personally I think suspect that once he is reelected he will pull a Charlie Crist sometime in 2014 and switch parties and then run for president in 2016 as a Democrat.

    As to Booker, he is arguably more poplar than Christie. Although from what I have been able to gather he’s done little for Newark is still a hell hole. He’s just another statist. He’s Obama-lite (if its even possible to more insubstantial than Obama).

    Heretofore nobody ever heard of Eck. The truth is that NJ is so blue there would be no Republican, short of Christie, who could win a statewide election.

    Sad but true.

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