Rant: "I am giving up sports!!!!!!"…….

I am giving up sports! To hell with it all.

The Jets season is now officially done. Worse yet they will now revert to being the pathetic franchise they were prior to Parcells. Pennington will never recover from this latest injury and if he does he will he a shadow of the shadow of his former self. Curtis Martin is not getting any younger and his best days are clearly behind him. The offensive line which has been so good for so long is now starting to really show its age. This team has no future.

The Mets are not much better. Sure they have Wright and Reyes but they wasted the best year they were going to get out of Pedro (it’s all down hill from here). Their bullpen is garbage. They have no decent first or second baseman. No catcher. No consistent RBI threat. Their future is not bright AT ALL!

The Rangers, who in god’s name are all these guys??? I have no clue who ANY of these guys are. They truly are the NY Strangers. Seven years out of the playoffs. I think you can safely add another year to that because they ain’t making the playoffs this year. Probably not next year or the year after maybe. That will make an even decade of futility! Maybe Messier’s grandson will lead them to the playoffs in say the year 2040 but then only to lose in the first round to the Devils! If I am still alive 60 years from now people will ask me what I remember from the last time the Rangers won the Cup!

Some people root for good teams and decent franchises. Not me! I had to pick the three most pathetic teams to follow. Well that is all she wrote for me. Since I could NEVER EVER root from the Yankees (evil scum) or the Devils (let’s destroy hockey with the trap) or the Giants (just don’t care) I will just stop following altogether!

Texas Holdem anyone????

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