Opinion: "Logan’s Run"……

Remember the 70’s sci-fi flick “Logan’s Run”? No? Well, it is the story about an apparently utopian future society, the only catch is that when you turn thirty an amulet on your hand begins to glow red. This is the sign that your time is up and you need enter the Carousel. Entering the Carousel is supposed to mean that you will be reborn but it nothing more than a suicide machine. Certain members of society who have rebelled against this policy are considers “Runners” nothing more than criminals to be hunted down by those called Sandmen. Until the time comes when one the Sandmen turns thirty and turns into a runner himself.

Why am I bringing up a little known thirty-year-old sci-fi flick? This is why, in “Logan’s Run” the heroes of the story are the Runners and the villains the Sandmen. Given how things are progressing in society, if the movie were remade today would the Runners still be considered to be the hero’s? Think about it.

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